Healthy Living

It seems that these days, more than ever, everyone is concerned about Health and Health Care. Much of this involves Healthy Living Products and Lifestyle innovations.  I suppose that is progress.

It is difficult to sort it out. Do you eat Yogurt? How about sweeteners. Should I get Home Exercise machines. Is jogging better or should I go to a Gym?

Healthy-Jeans is not intended for just talk about clothing. Its about the Health Thing in general. Clothing comes into the subject especially now with the Tech devices developed for Health Monitoring. Rather Powerful computers are not much bigger than a "Quarter" so its a whole new arena.  With the new "TINY" devices , we can buy all kinds of things that will tell us what we are doing wrong. I like to think that these are the things that our Grandma's tried to tells us, but we didn't listen.

Speaking of Grandma do you recall how she could just tell if you might be catching something, which would end up with a bowl of good soup to eat. I believe that I have read a recent Scientific article that described all of the muscles in your face that are there just to control you expression. Someone with experience can tell a few things just from looking at you.  If you take a trip to your doctors office, usually the Nurse will take your pulse and blood pressure . Someone told me that the Nurse also uses that to tell if you are warm as in Fever. I have learned that your Nurse or Doctor can tell a lot just by holding your hand. 

Health Living is a good subject.  Technology today can really help but a person needs to participate. I have learned the hard way that the things the healthy requires Listening to Health Providers. It took me a while to Learn How to be a Good Patient. But the resources are out there.

But Clothing has something to do with it, including Jeans. So I hope we can include some info here at also.