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The American Heart Association has a website. Look it Up!  They say warning signs of heart issues are Pain that appears with Exertion or  Shortness of breath.

Heart attack symptoms can be misleading. It can be a pain in the Abdomen or Back. It could be Chest, Back or Arm. Women especially have difficulty realizing they are having a Heart Attack.

Again, if you are exercising, ie Walking or Running or Playing Tennis, and you feel pain somewhere like Arm, Chest, Stomach, Back and that pain goes away when you Stop, that is cause  to seek emergency care.

By the way. It may not be true everywhere, but 911 folks can give a lot of information on the phone. This could include a visit by the EMT where they can check that you are OK. It would be wise to talk to local authorities, physician or hospital to find out about the 911 service in your neighborhood, before you have an emergency. 


But don’t rely on my comments, find out the information yourself. Today, I now Know, that I should find out where is the ER close to me, how do I get there (try it so you know) and what I need if I should go there, ie Insurance cards, etc. You might have an Urgent Care near you. Find out what they can do for you, Before you Need it. Things like "Can I talk to a Nurse?".


If you drive to the ER, You will be greeted, typically, at the door and asked what is wrong. If it is Chest Pain, they will bring you to the initial contact Nurse and likely hook up an EKG there. If they see something, you will be taken inside, quickly.


Hopefully you will be told that you are OK, they found nothing. 


Of course Insurance is something that you need for Health events. But you should get to know all the information you can about the ER, before you need it.  It is not a good idea to rely on Luck!