Wearable Technology


The Wearable Technology Market is Growing Fast.

This market includes technology as well as jewelry as well as clothing. 

If you have an opportunity to attend a Maker Faire, do it.  These are planned for sites all over the world. I visited a Maker Faire in San Mateo CA. not long ago. In this world where you see turmoil and loud demonstrations, it is great to see a place where everyone is having a good time. Lots of kids, adults, "Makers" and all having a great and peaceful time. They typically claim attendance at 150,000 and I believe it.

I'll write another article just about that but there were booths where Makers could sell their products, technology demos, fashion shows with people wearing things that "Light Up".  The biggest problem I had was losing my car because of all of the cars in the parking lot.

( I expect there is an app for that ).

Our Affiliate, Connecting-Health LLC develops software systems for interfacing to sensors and wearable devices. The market has matured rapidly in just a few years.

Wearables are no longer bands or smart phones. Clothing integrated with electronics is becoming “the internet of things”.  For Health Monitoring Applications, hospital and rehab stays can be shortened by moving the patient home or to extended stay facilities.  Telemedicine has been used for many years but can now be enhanced by using remote monitoring techniques incorporating sensors connected to health facilities via telemedicine. 

The Healthy-Jeans effort represents the activity to adapt wearable technology in a practical way so that the data is acquired in effectively and accurately. We are investigating methods and sources for general use as well as health related applications. I personally think this will bring about a whole new industrial revolution but I'm not the first to say that.

Healthcare applications introduce the complication of regulatory requirements (the FDA) and the requirements of security for patient data, encryption and HIPPA regulations.  We plan to integrate with secure data management operations provided by Connecting-Health LLC as well as other commercial systems.


Wearable Market Growth